Potential Lost Time And Productivity Because Of NJ Transit Strike?

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Is the impending NJ Transit strike going to affect your business? For times like these, having a workforce continuity plan in place is essential because if your employees can’t do their jobs, your business can’t function. Every moment it takes to get your people back to work can cost you in terms of customers, reputation, revenue and opportunities.

"A 25-mile backup on the New Jersey Turnpike."
"Traffic on Garden State’s busiest highways crawling along at 15 mph."
"Absolutely no parking. Anywhere."

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Do your employees really need to be physically 'at work' to do their work?

With the HaonTech Cloud Workspace, you can enable telecommuting with full access to all your applications and data.  Your staff can work exactly as they do today but from anywhere, with any device and anytime.

Don’t get caught off guard.

Maybe it's too late to jump on a 'total cloud workspace solution' by Monday, but we can certainly help you be prepared before the next emergency occurs.  Every business faces disruption, planned or unplanned. It might be something major – like an office move, a transit strike like this one, preparing for a looming hurricane, or recovering from a fire – or relatively minor – like a failed water main or power outage.  

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