OneDrive Offers FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage. Google, DropBox And Others Likely To Follow

Up until this point, no major cloud providers dared to put 'free' and 'unlimited' into the same sentence.

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Cloud technology is making it easy for people to access and collaborate on virtually any digital platforms.  Up until this point, however, no major cloud providers dared to put 'free' and 'unlimited' into the same sentence.

Why?  It's because even the mightiest of technology companies can't afford to give every subscriber unlimited access to storage, and it’s not free because every bit (pun intended) of data uploaded has a cost.

The days of worry about storage quotas are apparently over for Microsoft's Office 365 subscribers.  The company recently announced that OneDrive will offer unlimited cloud storage moving forward.  Before you hit the ground running and transferring all your data to OneDrive, keep in mind the initial roll out of unlimited storage only applies to Home, Personal and University subscribers.

Paying a low monthly fee for Microsoft Office 365 which now includes unlimited cloud storage is quite a bargain, and what this means is there will likely be influx of users migrating to Microsoft’s cloud platform.  This sort of user-snatching tactic won’t bode well with other cloud giants like Google and Dropbox.  Most likely, other major cloud storage providers will ramp up their offerings to match Microsoft or else risk hemorrhaging users.

When companies like Microsoft and Google compete in the same arena, there’s only one clear winner—the consumers.  Microsoft is "all in" with its cloud chips, betting on the fact that consumers demand free unlimited access to cloud storage.  I, for one, can’t complain, but I still want to see which hands—Google or Dropbox—can beat Microsoft before placing my own bet.


Source: OneDrive Blog

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