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Some goals are easily achievable when we remove the distractions that prevent us from doing them in the first place.

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Last month I finally started doing something I’ve always thought about doing but never had the “time” to do… jogging.  Well I got the motivation I needed by watching the 3 minute video below which I highly recommend you to watch.  I’ve gotten many positive responses from people I’ve shared this with.  Please share your thoughts with me as well.  It might be the ’kick in the butt’ you need to get motivated to do different things. 
Admittedly I am an amateur running and barely know what I’m doing.  But I am learning as I go.  I start jogging first thing in the morning. I totally related to the first few seconds of the video and I think so will you.  The first few days I literally jumped out of bed and put on whatever clothes I first found and went outside for a walk, then ran. I didn’t even brush my teeth! I avoided doing anything that required thinking. I just got up and left the house. That was the only way I could have started. No going to bathroom. No checking emails. No coffee. No social media. No distractions. Nada.

After a few days, I started getting more organized and sophisticated.  I even downloaded a fantastic mobile app called Endomondo (www.endomondo.com) which helps me track my progress using various metrics and even using the GPS to map my route and keep a history log.  Soon I started seeing the same people jogging on the same route. It’s very cool to be part of that crowd now.  My goal is to run a mile or two by the end of the summer. I’ll keep you posted.

The lesson I’ve learned thus far is that some goals are easily achievable when we remove the distractions that prevent us from doing them in the first place.  Our own ‘thinking’ can even fabricate the distractions, physical and emotional feelings and reasons for giving up.  Welcome to the grind.

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