Break Fix Or Managed Services?

A car running on empty will eventually turn off. Your computers are no different. It is not a matter of "if" they will break, it's a matter of "when". Most issues can be prevented before they become serious or cause downtime.

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Imagine driving your car for 10,000 miles without an oil change… Possible? I think so.  Chances of breaking down? Very high.  Cost of repair? Extreme! Avoidable? YES!  How far do you think you can drive your car with an almost empty fuel tank? Watch this very funny Seinfeld clip where Kramer test drives a car and refuses to put gas on it to see how "far it can go". 

A similar, although not funny at all, scenario happens when you operate your computer for months without doing any routine maintenance on it.  You might think that your computer is running just fine, but the reality  is that over time your computer becomes slower and slower.   There's no question about it.  A car running on empty will eventually turn off.  Your computers are no different.  It is not a matter of "if" they will break, it's a matter of "when".  Most issues can be prevented before they become serious or cause downtime.  As you add more computers to your network, operating them until they 'break' is far more costly than maintaining them proactively on a regular basis.

There are two approaches to handling your IT support. The first is called the "break/fix" model and consists of calling for IT support only when something breaks. In this case, you pay to get problems fixed as they break. The other approach is called Managed Services which takes a proactive approach to keeping systems running smoothly by providing ongoing maintenance that prevents and minimizes potential problems down the road. Basically, break/fix is a reactive approach while managed services is proactive. Most small businesses cannot afford their own IT staff and are used to the break/fix support model which provides a fix for a specific incident at a higher cost.  With Managed Services from, small businesses have an affordable alternative to hiring a full-time IT staff.   With our managed services your IT support is no longer dependant on a single person who gets sick, takes vacations, is not available 24/7, wants a raise and bonus every year, does not have extensive knowlege and industry certifications and incurs many other employee costs and benefits.  

If you wonder how much longer your computer will last without being maintained properly, check out what Kramer does at the end to find out.  Are you a Kramer with your IT?

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