Bluetooth Headsets Have Come A Long Way

They were just either too heavy, uncomfortable, awkward looking or simply did not provide an acceptable sound quality for me without breaking the bank.

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Bluetooth earphones have come a long way since I first tried one a couple of years ago.  The first one I owned was one of those that wrap around your ear.  After trying several models from different vendors, I decided Bluetooth earphones were not for me.  They were just either too heavy, uncomfortable, awkward looking or simply did not provide an acceptable sound quality for me without breaking the bank.

Well low and behold the other day I found a Plantronics M25 bluetooth earphone on the sidewalk.  My first impression was... "Yuck!  I ain't putting that in my ear."  But I later took it to the office and cleaned it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and antibacterial sanitizer and tried it on.  Nice fit! I barely felt it. Turned it on, paired it with my phone without checking online for instructions and voila!  After a few minutes testing  this earphone, I fell in love with it.  After using it for a few days now, I am really in love with it.

As you see from the Plantronics website, this is the least expensive earphone they have.  I am surprised how good this earphone is. 

What I like best about the Plantronics M25 Headset

  • Sound quality: People tell me they can't tell the difference when I'm using the earphone, and I hear them just fine.
  • Voice prompts: A voice alerts you of various events.  This is so much better than trying to figure out and remember what 3 beeps mean, or what 2 short beeps and a long beep mean, etc.
  • Battery life: It's awesome. I just turned on the earphone and it said "talk time 11 hours, phone 1 connected".
  • Multi-point: If you carry two phones with you (I won't ask why), this earphone can connect to both at the same time so you can answer calls from either phone with your earphone.
  • Wireless audio streaming: Awesome for listening to music, a recording or even watching a movie or video on your phone (or tablet).  Goodbye wires. It's just cool.
  • Find MyHeadset App: Get's even cooler.  Ever loose your earphone? Well the owner of this earphone I'm testing did. LOL.  Install this app on your Android phone and you can send a high pitch tone to your earphone to help you find it.  If it is not within range or turned off, there is even a GPS-enabled feature that helps you track it's last location.
  • Price: Well even though this one didn't cost me a thing, you can buy this for $39 or less and get all your money's worth.

The quality of this earphone and all its features make it a must have to increase your productivity while answering your phone on the go or even in the office.  With a wireless range of up to 33 feet, you have plenty of space to do your thing in the office while chatting away with your clients. 

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