Will Windows Phone Change the Way We View Microsoft

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Microsoft is a household name. And Bill Gates is arguably one of the most important names in the technology field. But has Microsoft ever been “cool”? Not really, in the eyes of consumers it’s always fell a little short of hip, but Microsoft’s new software for smartphones may alter the way the company is viewed.

Sure Microsoft’s products are everywhere but, in the eyes of the consumer, they’ve always fallen just short of ground breaking. Microsoft has had a few failed products in the past, for example, the Zune. Do you remember this little mp3 player? How about the Kin phone? These products among others have contributed to Microsoft’s less then cool reputation.

Windows Phone software may change this, as it is a hit amongst the technology press and consumers alike. Consumers are saying that in general Windows Phone is among the best performing operating systems available on the market.

Windows Phone receives praise for its easy to use interface, and its fresh new look. Users have easier access to social networks the in the past, the tiles on the home screen come to life when friends update their Twitter of Facebook keeping users up-to-date.

Even with all of these features and praise Windows Phone has not been the biggest seller. This is perhaps due to the phones that come equipped with the OS. Many people believe these phones are dull and wireless services providers are still pushing the iPhone and Android in a big way.

While sales may be lower then desired for Windows Phone the change it is making to Microsoft’s reputation could have a very beneficial impact. Where the consumer is concerned, a little cool never hurt a company.