Tech That Did Not Quite Make It

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 We always read about the most popular gadgets on the market. But for every technology that changes our lives there is something that flops. It’s difficult to judge what the general public will take a fancy too, so companies take a risk every time they release something. Below we explore several technologies that fall outside of the “took flight” category.


Famous tech failures

  • Apple TV: Apple TV lets users buy their entertainment directly from iTunes and stream it on their computers, handheld devices, or TVs. The regrettable part of this, that may be the explanation for its less then popular standing, is that it is somewhat limited to iTunes.
  • Sony Mylo: The Mylo came and went in a short time so you may not remember it. It was aimed toward the 18 to 20 something crowd and was a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device. It allowed people to play games, connect to the Internet, and even had Skype preinstalled on it. Unfortunately, the presence of the iPhone and its extensive app store overshadowed it.


The Segway peters out

  • Segway PT: It was thought that the Segway PT would replace cars in cities. It made it simple for people to just zip to the market or make the short commute downtown. But it never quite caught on. Unfortunately for the manufacturers, people thought balancing on two wheels made them look a little silly.


The CueCat doesn’t purr

  • CueCat: The CueCat was a digital barcode reader created by Digital Convergence Corporation. Shaped like a cat, this device allowed the consumer to scan a bar code and be quickly guided to a company’s website. This did not go over well, but it may have paved the way for the now widespread QR code.