Spreadsheet-itis. Common Illness And How To Get Vaccinated.

Stop wasting so much time with spreadsheets and spend your time taking care of your core business instead. Your business can be working smarter with the right tools.

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Spreadsheet-itis (inflamation of the spreadsheet), also referred to as 'Spreadsheet Mania', is an illness commonly found among New Jersey / New York small businesses and nonprofits that use several large, complicated and cumbersome spreadsheets to keep track of budgets, intake forms, outreach programs, memberships, orders, fundraising, etc. Basically their entire organization depends on spreadsheets. People suffering from this condition usually have the following symptoms: heavy breathing, eye squinting, frustration, headaches, talking to themselves, talking to their computers, long hours fixing errors, late nights consolidating spreadsheets, emailing attachments back and forth, playing who 'locked the file' with co-workers, playing 'which copy of the file is the latest', and other similar symptoms.

Fortunately there is a cure.  If you have fallen victim to this serious condition, stay calm and relax.

All kidding aside, you are not alone with this serious and often undiagnosed problem.  Spreadsheets are overused in millions of organizations. Spreadsheets are one of the most flexible and easy-to-use applications that you can buy. They can be used for just about anything. For this reason, they ARE used for just about anything. Many organizations use spreadsheets as a phone directory, reports, to-do list, project list and all sorts of other lists. Others use them for more appropriate tasks like budgeting, payroll and other financial requirements. The truth is that spreadsheets may be an affordable and quick way to get your business process up and running. However, it may not be the best long-term solution.

Stop wasting so much time with spreadsheets and spend your time taking care of your core business instead. Your business can be working smarter with the right tools.

Imagine a carpenter that uses a hammer to cut wood, or to drive screws. Can this carpenter get the job done? Maybe, but not as quickly and efficiently as a carpenter using the right tools for the job. Same thing happens with spreadsheets.  New York and New Jersey businesses overuse them and depend on them too much. They get used to them and don't find other ways of getting the job done more efficiently. There are better and smarter ways to run your business. The solutions are custom developed applications. Large corporations know this and have tons of custom-built applications for their specific needs. Unfortunately, because small business owners wear multiple hats and have very limited budgets (if any) for their IT needs, they don't even consider custom solutions.

Call HaonTech to get 'vaccinated' against spreadsheet-itis.  It is highly contagious and usually starts slowly with one, two, then three or more speadsheets. Your spreadsheets can be converted into custom cloud-based database applications that meet your specific needs. Eliminate all of the multi-user issues, provide reliable and repeatable business functions, and improve the quality and consistency of your underlying data. HaonTech specializes in helping Bergen County organizations work smarter by improving their business workflows with custom applications, maintenance and support. Let us help you! Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Case Study: Custom Nonprofit Solution for Hunger Solutions New York

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