Online Music-Streaming Services

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Many of us get our entertainment, news, and pay our bills via the Internet. So, it’s not a big surprise that we access our music over the Internet as well. Many individuals subscribe to on-line music-streaming services that are either free or cost money. The advantages are many. People don’t have to move their music files onto different devices plus they can listen to it anywhere they have access to the Internet.

So we thought we would share with you some information about a few of the more common streaming services:

Pandora: Pandora is hardly a surprise choice, but there is a reason this music-streaming service remains popular: It is not difficult to use and it can quickly expose users to new music that they might not experience otherwise. The idea behind Pandora is simple: After logging onto the service, enter the name of a favorite artist, say “David Bowie.” Pandora will then play songs by Bowie and it will play songs from similar artists. Thus giving you a taste of other tunes that you might also like.

Grooveshark: Grooveshark is a lot like Pandora. But you can also make your own playlists manually, all without creating an account. However, people who want to save their play lists will have to sign up for a free account. Like Pandora, Grooveshark also provides suggestions for songs that you might like based upon your past musical selections. Grooveshark also has an intriguing feature: You can improve the service’s database of music by adding your own favorite songs and artists if you can’t find them in Grooveshark’s existing collection.

Rhapsody: Rhapsody has rapidly made a name for itself as a result of its huge database of more than 14 million songs. Users have to pay for the service – $10 a month – but by doing this, they’ll be able to stream any song from the service’s enormous collection.

Spotify: Spotify was released in 2008, and since then it has expanded into one of the most widely known and used music-streaming services. Spotify is very easy to use and, like Grooveshark, users can listen to entire albums or decide to use the radio function.  One thing that people love about Spotify is its integration with Facebook. If you use the Spotify app, it keeps a running list of the songs you have heard on Facebook. Furthermore, users can see what their Facebook friends are currently listening to on a real-time feed. This is great for people who are in search of new music if one of their friends has similar tastes.