New Service Aims To Replace Your Phone Number With Your Name

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In a previous blog post, I briefly explained how domain names are really a user-friendly way of avoiding to remember numbers called Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses.  For example, the actual address of Google is . Go ahead and enter this IP address in your browser and you will get to Google.  

The same concept has been used for years with vanity telephone numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS.  Words are simply easier to remember than numbers.  Now there is a new service offered by Sprint that aims to help people use a name they choose in place of their mobile telephone number.  Although this is not a revolutionary idea, it certainly makes sense for us to leave the numbers (IP addresses, phone numbers, PINs, etc.) for the computers and make things easier for us humans to remember.  Of course, it is only a matter of time when the names and words available run out, similar to domain names, and people will have to resort to being creative and add numbers or abbreviations.  We are already familiar with this situation with email addresses, twitter, facebook, skype, and other online services.
Fast forward a few years and this will be a common and widely accepted way of giving out your 'mobile number' to everyone.  

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