Google: Solve for X

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We are all aware there are big issues in the world today; debt crises, illiteracy, climate change, are only a few. Google has assembled a team to come up with radical ideas to find answers to the world’s biggest problems, and they call the project "Solve for X".

Tackling the biggest global issues

Of course, it’s not all that simple. The "Solve for X" brain trust will be tackling issues that have long confused world leaders. Nevertheless, the individuals behind this project are nothing if not enthusiastic. They are saying the work occurring here is equivalent to the innovative thinking that was needed to send humans to the moon. On the "Solve for X" website, Google describes it this way: "This combination of things—a huge problem to solve, a radical solution for solving it and the breakthrough technology to make it happen—is the essence of a moonshot."

Tackling water scarcity

Last month ran a story on the "Solve for X" project. Mashable cited the account of an individual who took part in a "Solve for X" retreat. He said that they were focused on the problem of water scarcity. What solutions did they come up with on this retreat? One involved forward osmosis with recycled ammonium salts. It’s fine if you do not understand what that means, luckily the people at "Solve for X" do.

The need for technology brain trusts

Whether "Solve for X" does develop any real solutions for the globe's biggest problems, the brain trust idea is undoubtedly one with merit. Technology has the facility to change the world for good. Yes, new tech entertains us. It makes it easier for us to enjoy our music, watch movies, and read our favorite magazines. But technology is capable of doing much more. Perhaps brain trusts like "Solve for X" will help us truly tap the potential of technology.