iPhone vs. Android

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The title of this article should really be 'iPhone vs. Android phones', or 'iOS vs. Android', otherwise we are comparing apples to oranges. Here's why:

  • 'iPhone' is the brand name of the phone created by Apple Inc. which runs iOS mobile operating system.  iOS is the operating system. iPhone is the phone name.  Apple is the company that makes the phone.
  • 'Android' is the name of the operating system that runs on various phones created by various companies.
  • 'Droid' is the brand name of a specific Android phone by Motorola and sold by Verizon Wireless..


Switching from a regular phone to pretty much any smartphone is a big difference and improvement.  There is a learning curve with any new smartphone but once you familiarize yourself with your new smartphone you will be more productive and spend more time using it for more than just phone calls.  Most of the additional time will be productive, other times will be just for fun and enjoyment (nothing wrong with that).  

Similar to personal computers that run an operating system (OS) like Microsoft Windows or Apple OS, smartphones also run an OS.  Technically speaking all phones have an OS but smartphone OS’s are more advanced.  Two popular smartphone OS are 'iOS' which is owned by Apple Inc. and 'Android' which is an "open" mobile operating system backed by Google.  The only smartphone that runs iOS is the Apple iPhone.  Since Android is open to any company to use "freely", there are numerous other phones that run Android.  Among the many Android phone makers are HTC, Motorola Mobility (recently acquired  by Google), Sony, Samsung, LG and others.

Consumers have greater options (and prices) to choose from with Android phones.  With iOS, you really just have one choice.  Some may argue that the iPhone is just perfect and no other option is needed. Others may even say that too many options confuse people.  However, that is certainly open to debate. Because Apple makes its phones, tablets, computers and software, it has a lot of control over its ecosystem.  If you are a happy Apple customer, then you will likely find the iPhone a perfect match.  However, if you get to know what Android phones have to offer not only in terms of hardware specs but also in terms of the operating system differences, you will likely find that Android phones are also great. 

In summary, do a bit more research and gather technical comparisons plus user feedback.  Then go to your local wireless store and try the phones for yourself.  If you are switching from a non-smartphone, you will be happy with any smartphone you choose.   Ask yourself the following questions... What is important to you? Size, color, battery life, apps, design, support, data-plan... All phones have their own quirks, you can’t avoid that and you only know them once you own the phone.  Some quirks you can live with, some you can’t, others are just annoyances. 

Other phone OS to choose from: Windows Phone, Blackberry OS, HP WebOS, Symbian.  See info about market share.

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