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Need a quick and convenient way to be alerted when you receive an important email? Simply setup your email client (i.e. MS Outlook) to forward your emails to your cellphone based on certain conditions.

If you do not have a smartphone (yet) or for some other reason cannot check emails on your phone, you can still be notified via text messages when you get important emails.  Most major wireless carriers provide a way for you to send emails and have them arrive as a text messages.  

To get a text message on your cellphone simply create an email and send it to <>  For example, if you are a Verizon Wireless customer and your number is (917) 555-1212, you would send an email to .

Text messages are limited to 160 characters.  For this reason emails are likely truncated.  However, some carriers may split the email into multiple text messages. The bottom line is that you are notified of the important email sitting in your inbox.

Below is a list of common SMS Gateways:

  • Verzon Wireless:
  • AT&T Wireless:
  • Sprint:
  • T-Mobile:

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