Don't Fall Victim To This Phishing SCAM

Phishing scams don't have to be new to be effective. They just have to be opportunistic, have the right trigger points and catch you at the right time when you have your guards down. Check this one out...

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Hope you never ever fall victim to this type of scam I received in my inbox.  It’s what’s called a phishing scam.  The email looks like a legitimate email from JP Morgan Chase regarding my bank account.  This is one of the better looking (not perfect) phishing emails I’ve seen.  They got it down to the footer and fine print.

The ‘confirm now’ link takes you to a login page that also looks like the Chase website with a login form.  Guess what happens when you enter your bank login/password??? You got it… Someone, in this case from Kazakhstan, has your bank information and you've been hacked!

I caught a few glaring red flags with this email but depending on your attention span, it can easily be overlooked.

For me the red flags where:

  1. Sent to an email address that is not associated with my online banking
  2. I do not have a Chase account
  3. The logo is good but missing the color blue
  4. Minor spacing issue in the message body
  5. If you hover over the 'Confirm Now' link, you see that it points to a bogus website link

There are other flags that are not so obvious.

Think before you click…

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