Why Self Assessments Are NOT A Good Enough

HIPAA risk assessment is not like comparing a generic drug with its more expensive name-brand counterpart. The HIPAA law is the same whether you are a one-person shop or a mega hospital.

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Local Nonprofit Fights Cybercrime With Cybersecurity Training

Training Raises Security Awareness And Lowers Ransomware Incidents

Public WiFi Hotspot Warning

Free Public WiFi Hotspots are great. But be aware the risks when using them. Watch this brief clip to learn why you should be careful when connecting to them.

Phishing For Healthcare Records In The Cloud

Staff received an email, which appeared to be an official email. However, it was a phishing email that allowed an unauthorized third party access to a Wyoming Medical Center account.

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Prevent Burnout if You Work From Home

Working excessively can lead to stress, which can cause health problems. This is true whether you work from home, in an office, or in the field. So, the key is to find a balance...

What Happened To Proximity Beacons?

Google Nearby Notifications was a feature built into the Android operating system that helped users...

How To Setup An Email Campaign FAST

Getting a steady stream of leads but are having a hard time following up consistently? That's where email marketing can help.

How To Have Your Online Ads Follow You - Proximity Marketing

Do you move around during the day? Target your online advertising to people in a specific area you are in automatically.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Business With Online Ads

Build your online ad effortlessly, run it anywhere in the world, and drive your target audience to your website.

Is Price The MOST Important Deciding Factor?

At first you might say YES. But... Put away your 'business owner' hat and think like a consumer.

How To Build A Landing Page Lead Capture Form FAST!

Watch how I build a quick landing page that includes a lead-capture form where a business owner can capture the information of their leads and followup after if the lead does not buy right away.

Is Your Lead Magnet Any Good?

Attract people into your world by offering something of value that they desire for FREE.

Does Digital Advertising Work?

If you are placing ads online, you really need to pay attention on what exactly you are doing so you know how to improve your results.

Before You Say It's Not Working

Marketing is not a single thing we do or a single event. It is on ongoing process that requires you to be consistent and strategic. You cannot make up what you lack in skills by buying new tools and services that promise a business-in-a-box.

Why I Have No New Year's Resolution

Although it is important to set milestones and specific dates to reassess yourself and plan for the future, I don’t believe New Year resolutions are the case and are taken as seriously as they could be.

How To Set SMART Goals And Get Exactly You Want

Watch this video where I explain what the acronym S.M.A.R.T. means and how it can help you create more thoughtful goals.

Parable of The Chinese Bamboo Tree

If you prematurely stop working on something, don't say right away that it didn't work. It's possible it just didn't work in the timeframe you had in mind or maybe you weren't doing it right.

How Digital Bandit Signs Are A Game Changer

Traditional Bandit Signs work! BUT they are illegal, get taken down quickly, costs a lot of money, takes a lot of your time and gets you slapped with hefty fines for...

Getting Close To Reaching Goal - DON'T STOP NOW

When you get fired up and motivated to start something new, follow the 5 Second Rule (5-4-3-2-1-Go) and get the ball rolling.

Two Takeaways From Mel Robbins Kick Ass

Have you thought of procrastination as a form of stress relief. In this video I share TWO takeaways from Mel Robbins' book titled KICKASS

Just STOP IT - Special Strategy To Deal With Problems That Are Holding You Back

Do you constantly find yourself caught up in the same situations that prevent you from doing what you really want to do in life? Are you constantly putting out the same fires?

How To Use Digital Business Cards For Your Business

Here is a 'Digital Business Card' strategy to add to your marketing toolbox that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

7 Lead Generation Strategies For Your Small Business

A steady stream of quality leads are the lifeline of any business. Looking for ways to successfully get more leads into your business can be a challenge.

How To Record And Edit Videos Using Your Phone

See how I record my videos, what app I use for editing, creating my thumbnails and scheduling posts on social media

Why Having A Good Team On Your Side Matters

Being an entrepreneur can be more difficult than it needs to be if you don't have a good team on your side and surround yourself with like-minded people.

How To Generate Leads with Proximity Marketing

Here is a new way of getting your marketing message out to hundreds of peoples' phones on complete autopilot. Imagine hiring someone to hand out flyers 24x7x365

Do This To Your Mindset

If you are not mentally prepared to receive or obtain what you desire, chances are if/when you get it, you will waste it away and revert back to where you started from.

Cloud Computing Strategy for Your Business

Large corporations have been using cloud computing for years. Small businesses like yours now have the same enterprise-grade technology and infrastructure available.

What Is The CASHFLOW Quadrant - Choose Your Quadrant Wisely

There are 4 types of people in terms of their financial mindset and career path. Learn about the CASHFLOW Quadrant® and how you can move quadrants and change your financial future. Get The Book https://amzn.to/2u4EsYe

7 Customer Service Strategies To Help You Beat The Competition

Customer service is an area where you can easily have a huge competitive advantage.

The 5 Second Rule

Sleep inertia is a big problem you can easily overcome with Mel Robbins' 5 Second Rule. Take a look and try this productivity hack for yourself.

How To Sell Without Selling In 2018

Nobody likes to be SOLD... But everyone likes to BUY. This quick video is full of nuggets and shows you how to sell without selling.

Time Does Not Equal Experience

Here's a tricky topic... Does time equal experience? In this video I try to debunk that idea and explain why they are not exactly the same thing.

Don't Have Time For That?

With the 24 hours you have in a day, how many of those hours are spent literally sleeping or doing random unproductive things? 'Not having time' can mean you are spending your time being 'busy' but...

The Four Letter Word

The four letter word that everybody has but nobody wants it controlling their life. Get over it and take control.

How To Record With Better Sound

Having good sound quality is just as important as having high quality videos. Check out how I record my videos with high quality sound even when I'm outdoors!

We Are All Different And Unique

Even when you think you are in 100% agreement with someone, chances are you are not and it's a lower percentage that is good enough.

How To Avoid Paralysis By Analysis

Are you stuck overthinking something you really want to do? 'Someday' is not a day on the calendar! Do you consider yourself a 'perfectionist'? It's never 'good enough'... Sounds familiar???

Is Affiliate Marketing A Scam?

Did you know that most large companies that you already know have affiliate programs that are open to everyone? Entrepreneurs take advantage of these affiliate programs to generate income and so can you!

How I Got Started In I.T.

My father gave me my first computer when I was @ 11 years old. It was the popular TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer 2. This was my first hands-on experience and introduction to 'computers'. I will be forever grateful to my dad...

Spotlight Effect - Is This Happening To You?

In general, people aren't really paying much attention to you, what you do or don't do. When you feel that you have a huge spotlight and everyone is looking at you, social psychologists call this phenomenon the 'Spotlight Effect'.

Why I Am An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be something you choose to do for different reasons. In my case, I feel like it came naturally to me as a kid. In this video I share of few of my ventures that I did as a kid and how the entrepreneurial spirit lives on.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Curious about affiliate marketing? I discarded it for years because of myths. When I decided to look into it deeper, I was impressed by what I found out. Take a look and learn why it's actually not a bad idea to look into it now.

New Offline Marketing Strategy That Will Blow Your Mind

New offline marketing strategy that works for ANY industry on autopilot 24/7/365! Generate hundreds of leads by sending YOUR marketing message and link to EVERYONE with an Android phone within 100 yards radius...

Accountability Works! - How To Use Accountability To Get Things Done

Getting together with other link-minded people to share goals, report back on progress and hold each other accountable is a fantastic way of getting things done.

How To Export LinkedIn Connections For Facebook Ads

Did you know you can leverage your LinkedIn connections in Facebook? In this video I share a LinkedIn/Facebook strategy to target FB ads to your LinkedIn connections.

Pricing Strategy - How To Price Your Products Services And Still Be Profitable

Struggling to find the 'right' price for your products and services? Are people trying to nickle and dime you or are you doing the same?

Entrepreneur vs Employee

Thoughts on the differences between being an employee vs being an entrepreneur.

Automobile University - My Secret Place To Expand My Knowledge

Check out this quick video where I show you how I've been able to read over 30 books in the last 12 months and how you can do it too.

McDonalds Hamburger University - What You Didn't Know

McDonald's revolutionized the fast-food industry back then by incorporating an assembly line process at their restaurants.

30 Day Video Challenge

Every day at 12pm for the next 30 days I'm going to be posting a quick video on this channel talking about business, mindset, productivity, tips and more. Join me on my challenge and hold me accountable!

The Year Of Healthcare Security Breaches

A single breach can cost a practice hundreds of thousands of dollars and ruin their reputation.

3 Techie Reasons You Can Be Thankful This Season

Cyber Thieves Keep A-Knockin’ But They Can’t Come In. A study presented at the International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks showed that small-business networks are attacked every 39 seconds by...

Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends July 29

Upgrade to Windows 10 OR invevitably face HIPAA fines for running unsupported software.

OCR Releases Ransomware Guidance

A recent U.S. Government interagency report indicates that, on average, there have been 4,000 daily ransomware attacks since early 2016 (a 300% increase over the 1,000 daily ransomware attacks reported in 2015).  Ransomware exploits human and technical weaknesses to gain access to an organizati... more

Potential Lost Time And Productivity Because Of NJ Transit Strike?

Is the impending NJ Transit strike going to affect your business? For times like these, having a workforce continuity plan in place is essential because if your employees can’t do their jobs, your business can’t function. Every moment it takes to get your people back to work can cost you... more

Moving Your Office Next Year? DON'T... Until You Read This First

Moving is always a big pain for those involved, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience.

Your Computer Network Is Being Haunted

The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that 1 in 5 small businesses have been victims of cybercrime in the last year and this number is growing rapidly.

Heritage Pointe of Teaneck to Host Bergen County Practice Manager Lunch and Learn Expo

For executives and medical practice managers from Bergen County New Jersey interested in learning about important CMS regulations, HIPAA compliance, security and topics that affect revenue, efficiencies and quality patient care.

7 Lead Generation Strategies For Your Small Business

Introduction to 7 lead generation strategies you can use in your small business. Presented by Fernando Sosa from HaonTech.com

Tips and tools for a digital spring cleaning

An excerpt from an article on The Record: "What you do back up on an external hard drive or cloud should also be encrypted, said Fernando Sosa, CEO of HaonTech, an IT consulting company in Teaneck that provides computer support to local small businesses." Full article here: http://ww... more

OneDrive Offers FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage. Google, DropBox And Others Likely To Follow

Up until this point, no major cloud providers dared to put 'free' and 'unlimited' into the same sentence.

TECH Employee vs TECH Entrepreneur

I was recently asked to do a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) presentation and share my experience as a tech 'entrepreneur' to students and their parents in a 'Family in Technology' event held at New Jersey Institute of Technology this past weekend. Although I was ve... more

Lessons Learned From Target Data Breach

There are tons of tools and inexpensive software avaialble to help you backup your files and protect you from malware. But, like in Target's case...

Is Your Business On A Home Router?

You can go to your local office supply store and pickup a cheap router, backup drive, etc., that gets the job done and saves your business a few bucks. But is your business network and data secure?

Perfectly Legal Method For You To Save A Bundle Of Cash On Taxes, Computer Hardware, And Support

Thanks to a nice boost given to the 2013 tax deduction labelled "Section 179",  the Federal Government now enables you to buy up to $500,000 in machines, computers, software application, workplace furniture, automobiles, or various other tangible items and thereby LOWERING your taxabl... more

How Much Does IT Cost?

Avoid making an emotional decision based on price and taking a leap of faith on the services proposed.

7 Reasons To Get Rid Of Windows XP

Exorcise The Ghosts, Gremlins and Goblins Causing Problems In Your Computer Network.

A Rose By Any Other Name

People want their problems and needs taken care of, they don’t necessarily know or care about the technical terms, widgets or solutions used to solve them.

The 2013 Hurricane Season is Here!

Research indicates that storm surges from hurricanes and tropical storms will continue to rise. Is your business prepared?

Lesson In Self-Defense

So you are telling me there is a chance? Just because you have anti-virus protection on your computer, it does not mean you are protected in all situations.

Google Hangout - Video Conferencing With A Twist

Innovation is the key to your success. If you don’t innovate, you are a dime a dozen and become a commodity.

What's Rotary About? Service Above Self

I choose to introduce people with what happens at the local club level first. The conversation typically goes like this...

Answer To Nonprofit Funding Dilemma

A paradigm shift needs to happen in terms of where the money comes from. There is too much reliance and dependency on third-parties to handout grants and funds.

Computer Self Defense

Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Thanked By Teaneck Council

There are so many other people who willingly give back to the community.

The End Of Windows XP

By running third-generation old technology, you are missing out on the new features of today’s hardware and software that help get your work done faster, easier and better.

Break Fix Or Managed Services?

A car running on empty will eventually turn off. Your computers are no different. It is not a matter of "if" they will break, it's a matter of "when". Most issues can be prevented before they become serious or cause downtime.

What Is Cloud Computing And Why Should Your Care?

With the recent introduction of cloud-based office applications like Office 365, Google Apps and thousands of other SaaS applications, it’s becoming unnecessary for some businesses to purchase and maintain an onsite server.

Rise and Shine - Welcome to The Grind

Some goals are easily achievable when we remove the distractions that prevent us from doing them in the first place.

The Answer To Your Problems...STOP IT!

Afraid to take risks, move on or make commitments because the time is not 'right'? Worse yet, can you relate to a hamster on a spinning wheel? You are not alone.

How To Avoid The Top 4 Budget Busting, Stress-Inducing Mistakes When Moving Your Office

Moving is always a pain in the rump, but it doesn’t have to be a horrific, expensive experience.

Press Release: HaonTech.com Joins Dell's PartnerDirect Program

Microsoft Partner Forms Strategic Partnership With DELL And Delivers Comprehensive Best-in-class Cloud Solutions, Hardware, Software And Network Support.

Bluetooth Headsets Have Come A Long Way

They were just either too heavy, uncomfortable, awkward looking or simply did not provide an acceptable sound quality for me without breaking the bank.

It's Time To Break Up With Your Old Tape and USB Drives

Don't be caught by surprise! Most people don't realize that ALL tape and hard drives fail at some point. But what's really dangerous is that most companies don't realize it happened until it's too late.

Tis The Season To Be...HACKED!

Don't get caught off guard when checking your email. Hackers constantly send virus infested emails, called "Phishing", disguised as coming from legitimate businesses and organizations like The Better Business Bureau, IRS, banks, UPS or retail stores.

Free Live Webinar That Answers All Your Questions About Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing Can Cut Your IT Costs by HALF, Provide Automatic Disaster Recovery and Free You To Work from Anywhere On ANY Device

The Gap Between Your Customer Service 'Teeth'

A big problem arises when "efficiency" takes over common sense and processes, scripts and automated systems run your customer service department.

Spreadsheet-itis. Common Illness And How To Get Vaccinated.

Stop wasting so much time with spreadsheets and spend your time taking care of your core business instead. Your business can be working smarter with the right tools.

New Service Aims To Replace Your Phone Number With Your Name

In a previous blog post, I briefly explained how domain names are really a user-friendly way of avoiding to remember numbers called Internet Protocol addresses, or IP addresses.  For example, the actual address of Google is . Go ahead and enter this IP address in your brow... more

What's All The Buzz About Cloud Computing?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “cloud computing” being used over the past couple of years, and you may be wondering what all of the buzz is about. First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing when we say “cloud computing,” as there is a good... more

Make your iPhone 4S lighter and sleeker

Here is a great example of how some people fall victims to good marketing.  Thinking it is "better, faster, lighter" is already programmed into their minds.  However, on their defense, the phone shown to them is not in a case.  I have yet to see a person with an iPhone that ... more

Why did the GoDaddy outage affect my website?

Even if your website is not hosted by GoDaddy, your website domain name (i.e. www.mycompany.com) might be registered through them.   GoDaddy hosts about 5 million websites and has over 50 million domain names registered through them. Domain names are user-friendly names used to address websites and... more

Protect your accounts with Google 2-Step Verification

One would think that a simple username and password is sufficient to lock unauthorized people from accessing your accounts.  However, have you ever wondered how safe are the websites and services that use your login information? Have you ever wondered how 'safe' are the actual companies behind ... more

Google Patents: Now and Then

Interested in a smartphone that flashes LED lights at you when you have an incoming call? How about a mug that looks like a crayon? Good news. Inventors have filed patents on both of these items. You are able to look at them online by visiting Google Patents. The Wonderful World of Google Patents ... more

OpenStreetMap: Possible Threat to Google Maps

Online mapping has been dominated by Google Maps for some time. Nevertheless, OpenStreetMap is gaining fast. Though it is only 8 years old, it is clear that the people at OpenStreetMap are competing for the title of most-used web map service. OpenStreetMap is a digital world map, which allows users... more

Hands-Free Connectivity with Project Glass

We can already compute on the run, thanks to our tablet computers and smartphones. However, Google isn’t content. The online search giant is in the middle of testing its Project Glass initiative, what you most likely think of as Google glasses. Maybe you’ve seen coverage of Project Glass... more

Tricks to get More out of Gmail

People and businesses regularly use Gmail these days. This makes sense, as it is easy to use, free, and Google makes good products. If you use Gmail, you are likely not using it to its full potential. Gmail has several tools that make it easy to keep your email tidy. We have outlined a few below and... more

The Future of VoIP

Do you know what VoIP is? VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a technology that allows people to make calls via the Internet rather then use a traditional landline. VoIP is very affordable and can save businesses, of any size, between 30 and 50 percent on their phone expenses. ... more

Online Music-Streaming Services

Many of us get our entertainment, news, and pay our bills via the Internet. So, it’s not a big surprise that we access our music over the Internet as well. Many individuals subscribe to on-line music-streaming services that are either free or cost money. The advantages are many. People don’t have to... more

The Kinect: A Home Run for Microsoft

Remember when Windows was considered cool? It’s been a long time. However, the Kinect – a motion and voice-sensing device originally meant as a nifty feature for the Xbox gaming console – could help Windows recapture its long-lost coolness quotient. Not surprisingly, a version of ... more

Change Your Interview Strategies to Find the Right Employees

There are lots of people looking for jobs today. However, as an employer, you’re not looking for just anyone. You would like to hire the best, most inventive employees to work at your business. You recognize that your company is only as strong as your workers. How do you hire the most suitable... more

Is Business Travel on its Way Out

Traveling for business is not fun. We’re frequently rushed, we don’t eat well, and we have to deal with the hassle of airports and long-term parking. It is not surprising that a great many companies opt toward videoconferencing instead of traveling. As videoconferencing technology improv... more

Is Your IT Guy Holding You Prisoner?

If your IT guy went away, would you know where all the passwords, data, software licenses and disks, key codes, and other important information were stored?

Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent photo manipulation tool. With it, businesses can create professional looking marketing materials quite easily. The biggest issue with Photoshop is the price. A person looking to buy it can spend more then $600 for newer versions. This is not feasible for many small bu... more

The Future of the Battery

Your smartphone is wonderful. It can steer you to that trendy new fusion restaurant if you are lost. It can play your favorite sitcom as you head to work on the train. It will play your favorite song at the touch of a button. But it can’t do any of this if its battery is dead.   A Better Battery o... more

Another Look at Bing

Google is the household name with regards to searching the Web. However, it may not be the best search engine out there. Microsoft launched Bing, a competitor, in 2009 and it shouldn’t be dismissed. While most Internet users still use Google as their primary search engine, Bing has many features tha... more

How To Effectively Manage Remote Workers

Thanks to improved technology, an increasing number of employees have the ability to carry out most or all of their work from home. Smartphones, tablet computers, teleconferencing, and WiFi-equipped bookstores and coffee shops have made this achievable. This presents a huge advantage for employers: ... more

Save Time With These 5 Smartphone Apps

Your business keeps you busy. You are juggling three projects simultaneously for your employer. You’re on the road more often than you are at home, and your day planner is covered in ink. You would like smartphone apps that will make your life easier, not complicate it. Luckily, there is a host of s... more

Constant Connectivity

Do you recollect what it was like to have downtime? Real downtime, when you could watch your child’s little league game without answering an email on your smartphone, or take your dog for a walk without texting. But is downtime a thing of the past? In a world which is so connected it seems like we a... more

5 Ways to Work Efficiently in Excel

You would love to get that promotion, or maybe you are hunting for that elusive raise. Maybe you simply want to secure your job in this down economic time. But whatever the reason, you are looking for ways to wow your supervisor. What about Excel? The majority of us, no matter our job, use spread... more

Security Challenges in 2012

As technology changes cyber-criminals adjust to it. Recently MIT’s Technology Reviewpublished an article regarding the biggest technology security threats of 2012. Most of us spend a lot of our time online: working, surfing the Web, or just chatting with friends via social media... more

A Look at the History of the Computer

What would life be like without a computer? It’s tough to envision but it wasn’t that long ago that people didn’t have them. Now many of us carry multiple computers, i.e. laptops, e-readers, and smartphones. How did computers turn into such a key appliance in such a short amount of time? This is th... more

The Growth of the Connected Car

New cars such as the Ford Edge, Lincoln MKX, and the Audi A6 allow travellers to connect to the Internet from the front seat. These Online connections over Wi-Fi or 3G networks allow motorists to enjoy streaming video, audio, spoken text messages, and current traffic information. We typically view t... more

How Nanotechnology Changes our Lives

You have likely heard of nanotechnology, but might have almost no idea as to what it’s all about and just how it applies to you. Nanotechnology makes life easier for all of us; it’s not merely the stuff of science fiction. Essentially, nanotechnology is the science of dealing with matter on an atomi... more

Google: Solve for X

We are all aware there are big issues in the world today; debt crises, illiteracy, climate change, are only a few. Google has assembled a team to come up with radical ideas to find answers to the world’s biggest problems, and they call the project "Solve for X". Tackling the biggest... more

Take Advantage of Your Employees' Creativity

Do your employees share their ideas and views? Do they come to you with ways to improve efficiency or new revolutionary marketing ideas? If the answer is no, the creativity of your staff may be stifled. Today’s business world is very aggressive, so if your company is lacking in creativity and... more

Explaining Pinterest, and Why You Should Care

Tired of social media? Ignoring it all together? Well, join the bandwagon, because it’s not going away! In fact a new site recently popped up that is rising in popularity: Pinterest. Pinterest is a little different than sites like Facebook and Twitter, since it focuses purely on the interests of the... more

Help Your Career by Dressing for Success

It’s not an easy task to find a job right now. So when you do get called for a job interview you need to make the best impression. There is one simple way to do this: dress for it.   Does that surprise you? Despite our increasingly casual world, what you wear at the office can impact your career p... more

Will Windows Phone Change the Way We View Microsoft

Microsoft is a household name. And Bill Gates is arguably one of the most important names in the technology field. But has Microsoft ever been “cool”? Not really, in the eyes of consumers it’s always fell a little short of hip, but Microsoft’s new software for smartphones may alter the way the compa... more

Will We Eventually Say Goodbye to the Mouse

 Mouse-free computing is something we have just begun to taste. We have touchscreens on many devices including tablets, phones, and e-readers. These allow us to access the Internet; send texts, and emails all without a mouse. Is this the shape of things to come? Can we eventually leave the mouse in ... more

Smartphone Charging Pads

You use your smartphone to buy movie tickets, download your favorite songs, and make online reservations at the new French restaurant. But, if your smartphone battery dies, you can not do any of this. And let’s face it, charging your smartphone the old-fashioned way is a drag. You have to plug... more

Simplify Online Invoicing

 You launched your own catering business because you love to cook. You went into the bakery business to sell cookies and cupcakes. You didn’t open your own landscaping company because you love paperwork. Yet to be a prosperous small business owner, you cannot disregard the financial side of your bus... more

Can a real-time threat feed really discourage cyber crime

 Cyber crimes happen daily, and everyday IT security companies track and record information around these attacks. Microsoft is upping its game and launching a real-time threat feed so that its fellow partners can study existing threats it finds and learn the best steps to proactively take against th... more

New to Windows 7? Tips to Make You More Productive

Windows 7 represents a major improvement over past Windows operating systems. However, if you do not know how to use this most recent version of Windows properly, you’ll miss out on a number of goodies that’ll help you work more efficiently. By mastering a few simple tricks, you can get the most ou... more

The Importance of a Healthy Company Culture: Part 1

Strategy is commonly at the forefront of a company’s focus. Strategy is not the only thing which makes a company prosperous. Culture also plays an important role. The culture of your company impacts your branding, your marketing success, and daily operations, all of which directly affect how t... more

Ideas to Improve Your Company Culture: Part 2

Our last blog post explained the reasons why developing a healthy business culture is crucial for your brand. The positive effects of a healthy culture are numerous, while the consequence of letting the culture of your company decline can be very negative indeed. In our last post, we touched on ways... more

Data Security: What You Need to Know

When looking at data security, you may think you have enough safeguards set up to protect your small business. After all, you most likely routinely update your antivirus software and other security protocols as well. And it’s not as if you’re a large company that needs to worry about hav... more

Tech That Did Not Quite Make It

 We always read about the most popular gadgets on the market. But for every technology that changes our lives there is something that flops. It’s difficult to judge what the general public will take a fancy too, so companies take a risk every time they release something. Below we explore several... more

Have a Computer Virus? Now what?

If you think you have a computer virus, take action right away. Don't leave it for when you have spare time. Depending on what virus your computer has, you will experience different symptoms. Some viruses make your computer useless or slow, some change important settings, others steal your personal ... more

Receive Text Messages For Important Emails

Need a quick and convenient way to be alerted when you receive an important email? Simply setup your email client (i.e. MS Outlook) to forward your emails to your cellphone based on certain conditions. If you do not have a smartphone (yet) or for some other reason cannot check emails on your phone,... more

iPhone vs. Android

The title of this article should really be 'iPhone vs. Android phones', or 'iOS vs. Android', otherwise we are comparing apples to oranges. Here's why: 'iPhone' is the brand name of the phone created by Apple Inc. which runs iOS mobile operating system.  iOS is the operating system.... more

Should you buy or build a custom application?

This is a common corporate dilemma.  Businesses that do not have a dedicated IT staff usually turn to industry-specific commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) software or ready-made software solutions by third-party vendors.  Another option, but not as effective, is to use generic productivity software like... more

Ready for a heat wave related power outage?

With the current heat wave hitting many US cities, many businesses can be caught off guard if they experience an unlikely power outage.  As power grids overload when a heat wave takes place, energy companies struggle to keep their systems up.    It might not be too late to be prepared for a power ... more

HaonTech Starts Virtual Food Drive

We recently accepted the challenge to hold a Virtual Food Drive in support of the Food Bank For New York City. Through July 13 – just one week from today -- every donation made on our page will be doubled, dollar by dollar, by a generous Food Bank donor!  Please donate today to help us m... more

How Are People Finding Your Events?

"It's true that we've been posting events on our website calendar for some time now, but it's difficult to ascertain whether the service has helped the program, because when attendees indicate (upon signing in) where they learned of the program it's usually from somewhere else." The ... more

Finding The 'Right' Company For Your IT Projects

Choosing the 'right' company for your IT projects can be a difficult and daunting task if you do not know some IT best practices relevant to your project.

HaonTech.com Is Now An LLC

We are very pleased to announce that as of 4/28/2011, HaonTech.com is now a Limited Liability Company (LLC).   As a result of this change of business structure from sole-proprietorship to LLC, we will be in a better position to support our customers, provide a faster response to requests for produ... more

Spreadsheet Mania

The truth is that spreadsheets may be an affordable and quick way to get your business process up and running. However, it may not be the best long-term solution.

Your Company's Most Valuable Asset

No matter its size, your company’s data is its most valuable asset. Think about it: what would you do without your financial or customer records? How long could your business survive without access to the information you rely on every day? Yet many business owners who diligently insure their busi... more

A Company Website Is NOT Optional

Today, having a functional and professionally designed website is fundamental to your business success. Think of it as a tireless salesperson, working 24/7 to attract visitors and sell them on your products and services. If you have no website to speak of—or if your current site is embarrassin... more


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